Great Time In Jacksonville To Get A Haircut

Great Time In Jacksonville To Get A Haircut

It is a great time in Jacksonville to get a haircut! The fall season is a prelude to all of the end-of-the-year holidays; Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and many others. As a result, this makes it the perfect time to get your hair ready for all the parties and events to come! So, here is why you should think about a fresh new style for the season!

Looking Good for the Holidays

As mentioned above, the fall season is a prelude to a rapid succession of amazing holidays. In a short period of time, you experience the spooky night of Halloween, Thanksgiving family gatherings, and the joys of Christmas. As a result, getting a new haircut is almost a requirement. That is why it’s such a great time to get your hair maintenance out of the way.

First of all, you can get a hairstyle for Halloween. October 31st is the best day of the year! Everyone wants to look good while they are dressed up in costumes. Some even go above and beyond with detailed makeup! Getting a hair trim or cut can help keep you looking good for this spooky holiday. You can get a new haircut for football season. It is also homecoming season, meaning teenagers are getting ready for the high school dances. This unique time frame provides an opportunity to go with a formal, classic hairstyle or something completely unorthodox!

The Jacksonville Hair Mechanix stands apart from other locations because of its excellent staff and top-tier services! It’s a great time in Jacksonville to get a haircut, so why wait? Schedule an appointment today and get the best of what Hair Mechanix has to offer!

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Look Good For Homecoming or Halloween

look good for homecoming or halloween

Want to look good for homecoming or Halloween? Hair Mechanix has talented stylists that ready to give you the October look you need! While people are preparing for the scariest day of the year, high schools are hosting Homecomings. As a result, young men need to bring their A-game. And Hair Mechanix can help you bring it!


Halloween Haircut In Jacksonville

Halloween Haircuts

Want to look great this Halloween? The place for a Halloween haircut in Jacksonville is Hair Mechanix. This time of year there are parties to attend and good times with friends and family.  So you need to look your best, and the experts at Hair Mechanix can help you with that. Book your appointment today! Want to learn a little about the history of Halloween? Below is a brief history of how the holiday became what it is today.

A Halloween Haircut and Some History

For the best men’s haircuts in Jacksonville is at Hair Mechanix. So when you go trick to treating this year make sure you look sharp. Have you ever wonder what started the trick or treating tradition? Halloween was borrowed from the Celtic holiday where at the end of the year people would dress up as evil spirits. The Catholic Church changed the name to All Hallows Eve, All Soul’s Day, and All Saints Day.

On each of the days, poor adults and children would dress as saints, angels, and demons and go door to door begging for food and money. All this was during the middle ages, eventually, the tradition re-emerged in the United States in the 19020s and 1930s. Of course, the holiday was made into one day as we know it today as Halloween. One funny fact, the British apparently hate Halloween. In a 2006 survey, it found that over half of the British homeowners to not participate in the Halloween tradition.

If you are taking the kids trick or treating or attending a great Halloween party, make sure your look is in order. Stop by Hair Mechanix of Jacksonville this Halloween for a shave, massage and a haircut you will be glad you did! Finally, if you are a first-time customer ask about our first-time deal, you will be glad you did.