Buzz Cuts For Thin Hair

Buzz Cuts For Thin Hair

It is no secret that some of us have thin hair. Also, our hair tends to thin out for most of us. One type of hair cut that is popular with thinning hair is the buzz cut.  The buzz cut is very popular right now and it is really easy to maintain. People like Adam Levine and Tom Hardy are known for the short-haired look as well as Jason Statham.

Are Buzz Cuts Right For You?

If you have thinning hair, buzz cuts can be a great ways to obfuscate the problem. The hairstyle is low-maintenance, allowing for easy care, while hiding bald spots. However, you do have to consider your facial structure when it comes to choosing a buzz cut. People with diamond, square, or oval face-shapes look the best with the buzz cut cause it highlights their features better. However, if you don’t have these face-shapes, a beard can help the buzz cut blend better with other types of faces.

Other Haircuts for Thinning Hair

Of course, the buzz cut is not the only choice you have when it comes to thinning hair. Another choice is the crew cut. Similar to the buzz cut, but it leaves a little on the top. The crew cut is sometimes known as the military cut. Now short hair is not always the desired look for people with thin hair. The mop-top look is always an option. The sides and back of the hair is trimmed some and the top is usually left long. This is so you can brush the hair forward hiding any bad hairlines.

While buzz cuts can be an ideal haircut for people with thinning hair, there are other options. One of these options is the slick back. Again the sides and back are trimmed, but the top is left a little long. The top hair usually with some product, and slicked straight back. This style was popularized with the movie Wall Street and David Beckham is known to use this hairstyle. There are many options to choose from and products to help with thin hair.

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