Long Hair Style Men’s Haircuts

Long Hair Style Men's Haircuts

Long hairstyle men’s haircuts are available at Hair Mechanix in Jacksonville. Men’s hair comes in all shapes and sizes and lately, we are seeing more and more long hairstyles.  From actors to athletes, long hair is in again.  Some hair is thin and long others are thick and curly, no matter what type you have we can help.  In addition to trimming the hair, long hair requires a little more care than a shorter hairstyle.

There are several styles to choose from.  From hair to just your shoulders or hair to your mid-back, no matter the length we can help.

Long Hairstyles

Long Slicked Back Hair

A slicked-back hairstyle is the best way to transform your hair into a classy and polished style. This will flow a look that prevents flying away strands of hair. Also, it helps to hide cowlicks. All you need is some good hair products to keep your hair in shape!

Textured Wavy Hair

Long wavy hair is the signature look for heartthrobs and movie stars. This hairstyle is flexible and versatile, it also has some texture. Scrunching up your hair after adding products to give that amazing beachy feel.

Long Hair with Beard

Nothing is more attractive than the Thor-look. It is a rugged and sexy look that draws attention. However, a lot of men try to avoid beards cause they take away from the “pretty boy” look. However, the key is the right beard length and type! Maintaining the perfect combination will have you looking like the sexy, tough guy of a lot of women’s dreams.

Long Hair Maintenance

With long hair, you need to shampoo and condition properly as well as dry. Lucky for you, our customers get a free hair cleaning with any haircut! Hair products are another essential need for long hair. Our stylist can recommend the exact products you need to help maintain your hair.  In addition, you will probably need to invest in hair ties. While working or exercising your hair could get in the way or get caught so make sure to secure it properly.

Many guys are not sure how to maintain their look or what type of haircut best suits them. The experienced stylists at Hair Mechanix can suggest just the right look for you that best fits your style. If you are in the Jacksonville area, we have two great locations to choose from. One location is at 11702 Beach Blvd, Suite 103, Jacksonville, Florida. The other location is located at 11700 San Jose Blvd Unit 6, Jacksonville, Florida. 

You can book in advance or you can walk right in, either way, we are happy to see you! Finally, style your hair exactly how you want by visiting your local Hair Mechanix today!

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