Beach Haircuts and Haircare for Men

A beach haircut and haircare routine are essential for men. While you are out on the beach, enjoying the sun and waves, your hair is being damaged. Summer is the best time for fun but also the worst time to forget to take care of your hair. The combination of sun and salt water can […]

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Best Paying Hair Salon In Jacksonville

best paying hair salon

When people are looking for a job, there are many factors that need to be considered. Although pay isn’t everything, it sure helps. While being a hairstylist can be a dream, the industry isn’t known for its high pay. In fact, the median income is below $30,000. Between low commission rates, hectic scheduling, and the […]

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New Spring Break Hairstyle

Get a new spring break hairstyle! As February comes to an end, people are gearing up for spring. While southern states did not feel a huge shift in weather, some changes are coming our way. It is time for some fun in the sun. Spring break is on the horizon, meaning the beaches are going […]

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