How to cut older men’s thinning hair

older men's thinning hair

How to cut older men’s thinning hair can be tricky. The good news is the talented stylists at Hair Mechanix Jacksonville, know-how.  At Hair Mechanix Jacksonville, we hire the most experienced and qualified stylist around. They can recommend the right cut for any hair type.  There are options for older men’s thinning hair, and we are going to show you some.

Older Men’s Thinning Hair Options

When it comes to thinning hair, one of the best options is the simplest, keep it short. If you let thinning hair get longer you can start to really notice the gaps in the thinning hair. By keeping it short it keeps a more uniform and fuller look. Another option, but not highly recommended is the comb-over. Some guys still have thick hair on the sides but the top is bald and thinning. So they choose to grow and comb the thick hair over the top. Not a popular choice but a former president did like this look.

Styling gel may be another option for thinning hair. By using gel you can work it into your hair and then push it up some making the hair draw inward. This will help conceal any bald spots.  Also, you may want to try a colored hair spray that matches your hair. Another option for your hair is the good old fashion buzzcut. Or you can completely shave it off for the “Stone Cold” Steve Austin look. When looking for the best barber shop near you, always go to Hair Mechanix!

These are just a few options that are available. Of course, when you come into Hair Mechanix Jacksonville our barbers and stylists can give you even more options. Our talented staff can help look your best with a fresh new men’s haircut. When it comes to hairstyles for older men or searching for a men’s haircut near me, the best choice is Hair Mechanix Jacksonville!

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