Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

We’re all about hair removal, right? Well, with style to that is. While cutting hair is the most obvious way for us to remove hair, we typically do this on the head and face. So, in this article, we thought we would list some of the methods used for hair removal (and the sources for more details). In truth, these are the methods that people think of when you say “hair removal.”

Hair Removal Methods and Serviceslaser hair removal

  1. Shaving – is the most popular and pretty self-explanatory. Both our Hair Mechanix locations in Florida do great face and neck shaves (we’ll shave your head too!)
  2. Plucking Рusually good for a few hairs on the face, but as we know, it can be pain full. Depending on their mood, our stylist will be happy to assist (be nice!)
  3. Waxing – Yes! We do this. Eyebrows, ears, nose or get all three with our Mr. Clean service!
  4. Depilatory Creams – remove hair and can be bought without a prescription. Just be careful on how you apply and how long you keep on.
  5. Sugaring – is one we found on a OneMedical blog post. An ancient Middle Eastern concoction that has become popular in the U.S. (nope we don’t do this).
  6. Electrolysis – this involves small pins and electrical current (like that’s not scary). Check out the two methods on this WebMD list of hair removal methods.
  7. Threading – takes thread around a small area and pulls hair out. We’ll have to check this one out and get back to you.
  8. Laser Hair Removal – lasts the longest and is pretty popular but it takes a few treatments and is done by a doctor or well-trained technician.
  9. Medication for Removal – like Spironolactone and Vaniqa may be prescribed by a doctor. The WebMD list has both, the OneMedical talks about Vaniqa.
  10. Hair Cutting – that’s what we do the most of and we’re pretty sure we’re better at!

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