New Spring Break Hairstyle

Spring Break Hairstyle

Get a new spring break hairstyle! As February comes to an end, people are gearing up for spring. While southern states did not feel a huge shift in weather, some changes are coming our way. It is time for some fun in the sun. Spring break is on the horizon, meaning the beaches are going to be full. Whether you are going to join the crowds at the beach or take your own trip out of town, you want to have a new look. So, here are some new spring break hairstyles to consider this year!

Temple Fade

One hairstyle that is pulling ahead of many styles this spring is the Temple Fade. The Temple Fade (aka Brooklyn Fade) became popular in the early 2000s and is making a comeback this spring! This hairstyle features a zero fade on the sides and back while giving a modern, slick-back. The Temple Fade is a hairstyle that is easy to maintain while giving you a charming flare.

Textured Top

Textured top haircuts are a great way to add a bit of spunkiness to your everyday life. In addition, men with thinner hair can add some extra volume to their everyday look. By shortening the sides and adding length to the top of your hair, you show off the unique texture of your hair. As a result, there is a variety of types of textured top haircuts that you can try. You can add a wave to your hair, show off some curly locks, or go with a natural flow. Regardless, textured top haircuts will definitely turn some heads this season.

The Quiff

It is hard to get rid of this modern classic. No matter the year or season, the Quiff will always be in style. This hairstyle’s mash of 1950s pompadour, flattop, and mohawk can be sophisticated and wild depending on the situation. The Quiff is a multi-purpose hairstyle you can enjoy.

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