Hairstyles For Older Men With Thinning Hair

Hairstyles For Older Men With Thinning Hair

Hairstyles for older men with thinning hair can be difficult. But the expert stylists at Hair Mechanix of Jacksonville can help you with the right look for your hairstyle.  There are options to help work with your bald spot or thin hair and we will take the time to cover some of those options.  One of the easiest looks for your thinning hair is none other than the buzz cut.

The Buzz Cut

With an elegant look and easy to maintain the buzz cut is the perfect answer for any type of thinning or missing hair. Also, the buzz cut can help hide some of the receding hairlines as well. So the next time you are at Hair Mechanix, just ask them to buzz it down!

Hairstyles For Older Men – The Mop Top

Not everyone is happy with a buzz or really short hair, so naturally, the mop top could be a great option. Growing your hair out on top will enable you to brush it forward or off to the side where your hair is thinning.  It is a much more subtle look then a full-blown comb-over. With the mop top, you can vary the lengths so that you are happy with the look.

The Slick Back

The more old school look is the slick back. From Pat Riely to Gordon Gecko, guys have been using the slick back to hide bald spots for a long time. Keeping the sides short and trim then using a product (also available at Hair Mechanix), to slick your hair straight back or to the side. This helps in hiding bald spots as well as some of your hairline. These are just a few of the options you have when it comes to your hair.

Of course, there are also hair products that can make your hair thicker and fuller as well. No matter what style you choose, make sure to visit the professionals at Hair Mechanix they help you look your best with a new haircut in no time!

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