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When people are looking for a job, there are many factors that need to be considered. Although pay isn’t everything, it sure helps. While being a hairstylist can be a dream, the industry isn’t known for its high pay. In fact, the median income is below $30,000. Between low commission rates, hectic scheduling, and the salons forcing stylists into contracts, finding a good salary with a caring company is hard. However, in Jacksonville, the best-paying hair salon has just arrived!

Hair Mechanix: Best Paying Hair Salon

That is right. Without a doubt, Hair Mechanix is one of the best paying hair salons. And now it has two locations in Jacksonville. I already know your next question. How? After all, this blog has already shown how low the bar is for median pay. What makes this company the best paying? Well, that’s easy. Because we do things differently at Hair Mechanix.

60% Commissions

For most salons, the average commissions for employees are between 40-50%. Those are rather low, especially when there is no guaranteed minimum wage. However, at Hair Mechanix, we understand how important our stylists are. In fact, they are our primary selling point. After all, our customers come in to see you. That is why our company makes sure the commission reflects that. Because Hair Mechanix would be nothing without our amazing crew! On top of that, our hairstylists are given a guaranteed minimum wage! That way you can focus on what you do best!

One-on-One Training

However, the commission rate is not the only thing that makes Hair Mechanix the best. As a company, we are invested in enhancing our stylist’s skills. Because a job is supposed to work on the betterment of their employees by giving them experience. So Hair Mechanix strives to give all our stylists one-on-one training, so they can feel confident in their skills and know their value. The best pay isn’t just defined by the number of zeros. Rather, it also about investing and increasing its employees through dedicated training and effort. Without a doubt, working here will make your services more valuable than before!

Understands Your Value

The reason why we are the best-paying hair salon is that we put you first. On top of investing in your talent, Hair Mechanix values its stylists as individuals. While people can give you great pay, a horrible work environment can ruin it. The satisfaction of our employee’s matters as much as our guests. That is why all of our policies are geared to making your quality of life better. From compensation, training, and flexible schedules, Hair Mechanix manages to be one of the best paying hair salons with happy stylists.

Join the Crew

So, instead of wasting time with hair salons who don’t see your worth, join the Hair Mechanix crew! Jacksonville has two locations, looking for stellar people to apply and become part of our team!

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